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  designer100 09:12 08 Sep 07

I have worked on a basic site for our local church and it has been on the net for a few weeks. However I have had little feedback from users so would like to get the opinions of you good people from whom I have learned so much by lurking :-)

Any comments or criticism welcome.

Thank you.

The site is at click here

  mco 09:21 08 Sep 07

very clear, simple, does what it's meant to - I believe there are spam issues (and ways round) having your email address on your site but other than that I like it!

  designer100 09:38 08 Sep 07

Thank you mco

What should I do about spam problems? The text is hidden via ascii code which i was told would help prevent robots harvesting.

  Marko797 12:11 08 Sep 07

Nice site. I'm doing something similar for my own business. Can anyone suggest how, when u go to print preview, you can make it fit an A4 sheet? I'm using Net Fusion. This site seemed to have similar issues.

  Marko797 12:12 08 Sep 07

Sorry that should have read, A4 sheet in portrait

  IClaudio 18:36 10 Sep 07

Make your e-mail a graphic file and insert that into the page.

  Forum Editor 18:08 11 Sep 07

and congratulations - if it's your first attempt you've succeeded in avoiding some of the pitfalls that wait to trap the newcomer to web design.

That said, I endorse the comments made by fourm member, with the possible exception of the remark about the home page - there's plenty of white space on my screen.

  designer100 09:20 13 Sep 07

Thank you and apologies for the delay as I was away from the office for a while.

I am concerned about access issues so will have to do something about that - at the moment I am not sure what colours would be better so if someone can suggest that to me I would appreciate it.

Thank you once again.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:08 15 Sep 07

The space seems relative to the screen size; my 19inch tft shows lots of space whereas my 15.4 inch laptop shows none.

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