coming back after posting a thread ??

  Ikelos 12:10 27 Jan 08

Hi, what does get on my whatsits is when someone takes the trouble to answer a request for help and the person who started the thread never comes back again, is it not just manners to come back, even if only to say, dont talk crap, or whatever..

ok, I have said my piece..............rant over.

  anskyber 12:12 27 Jan 08

Mmm. It happens, but take a deep breath, it will always happen and life moves on.

  silverous 12:27 27 Jan 08

I think everyone has been frustrated by this at some point, particularly if you put some work into a response.

I suspect it could be, for example, that after posting here they try something else and it works. Or they've posted on a number of boards and got the answer elsewhere. When people are very busy and up against it and have a problem to solve, going back and thanking everyone isn't always going to be the first thing on their mind. If you always would in every circumstance return to advise on all places you'd posted then well done, but I'm not certain I could put my hand up and say I'd never been guilty of it.

I try to remember that when I get frustrated by it. Don't forget - any post you do make (unless it is a question to get more info) will quite possibly help someone else who finds the problem and a solution alongside it.

  Ikelos 12:30 27 Jan 08

as you say, I guess someone out there might get some help out of any answer someone gives.

  Ikelos 12:30 27 Jan 08

as you say, I guess someone out there might get some help out of any answer someone gives.

  DANZIG 12:37 27 Jan 08

I've been guilty of it. Mainly when I make a request, then have to go to work. Internet access where I work is really limited and I have very little time to access it anyway.

In those situations it can be 2 days before I access the internet again.

  cocteau48 12:44 27 Jan 08

As anskyber says "it happens" but it is more than compensated for by those who do come back with thanks and to say that you have solved their problem.

  wotbus@ 12:59 27 Jan 08

"Speakers Corner" Forum perhaps ;-)
Some may not come back because they junked their rig trying the "fix" LOL.
Seriously, I guess life's a bit like this too, not just this site, so we have to live with it frustrating though it may be. Fortunately the good things far exceed the bad so look on the bright side :-)

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