Combined H/Ware.Soft/W Prob.

  global-killer 28 Apr 11

Good Afternoon.

I have a portable dvd player with USB input. When I insert a pen drive into the orifice its sees it fine. I also have a 100g 2.5 harddrive with USB. When I insert this it cannot see the drive.

Does anyone know if the H/drive needs some primary boot software to match what ever is on the flash drive. Looked on net but can't find anything relevant. The book of words for the dvd player only mention's flash drive units and mmc/ms cards for USB input.

But why can't a H/drive be used, the only difference i can think off is that H/drive use magnetic medium to store info, rather than ram chips.

Anyone got some indepth knowledge on this subject. I am not a novice user either H/ware or Software, but this has me fooled.

Many Thanks for any help....Dave.

  lotvic 28 Apr 11

It's probably the file system on the HDD (ntfs?) The pen drive will prob be FAT file system. Have a look at the manual for the portable dvd player to see what file systems are supported.

  lotvic 28 Apr 11

Oh, could also be a power issue, like when you have an external usb HDD on your pc the ext HDD has it's own power supply and is not powered from the usb port (or something like that - I'm just making suggestions)

  wee eddie 28 Apr 11

My guess would be the same as Lotvic's second one. The Hard Drive probably needs more power than the USB Port is able to offer.

  global-killer 29 Apr 11


Thanks for the replies. The power side of it is ok as its running from the mains, and have checked output voltage and current which is fine.

The NTFS/FAT idea seems resonable. Have checked the pen drive which is NTFS which it sees ok. The H/Drive is also NTFS which it can't see. The book of words is very limited and it does not specify which system is required. Will try the H/Drive with FAT32 just in case.

I've got to be missing the plot somewhere, but what.......?.


  global-killer 01 May 11

Any other Help Please

  Thalmus 01 May 11

Has the hard drive been formatted? When its plugged in, right click computer and then goto manage > storage > disk management. Does it show there and is it showing as unformatted?


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