Combat Flight Sim. 2 - Harrier Add-on

  ened 12:31 26 Feb 06

Does anyone know if there is a manual for the Jump Jet available for Download anywhere.

  Marsh Warden © ™ 13:14 26 Feb 06

What about the software developers site.

  ened 13:37 26 Feb 06

I think it's Microsoft but I can't find it anywhere on there.

No luck with Google either.

  Marsh Warden © ™ 13:56 26 Feb 06

I think it was made by JustFlight click here, is the manual not on the CD?

  RoyWidd 14:02 26 Feb 06

ened;Do you mean the pilots manual?If so,I have one that I never use now,and will happily post it to you,if you click on the yellow envelope icon next to my name,and let me have your address etc,I'll post it out asap.

  ened 15:28 26 Feb 06

Thank you for the offer RoyWidd but I do have that.
Button No.1 on the joystick is meant to fire guns but doesn't.I works as ir should with all the other planes in the game so I was looking for an online manual or faq to see if it is a recognised problem.

I will follow Marsh Warden © ™'s link to see if I can find the answer.

  ened 17:19 26 Feb 06

I haven't resolved this yet.

RoyWidd You obviously had this add-on at one time. I don't suppose you remember this problem.

  NewRoyWidd 17:49 26 Feb 06

Hello,apologies for the delay,its a long time since I used the add-on,isnt there an option where you can remap your joystick?

  ened 17:59 26 Feb 06

There is and (By default) it states that button 1 fires the guns.
I tried re-affirming this but no joy. I tried removing the alternative option (Keyboard) but I cannot make Button 1 fire the guns.

This is not the end of the world but Button 1 is the trigger and Button two (which also fires guns/cannons) is not as accessible.

  NewRoyWidd 18:03 26 Feb 06

Then I don't think I can help further,sorry.Can't you try google etc for games forums to see if the problem is known?And I know what you mean about button1,I always find that useful for guns in my flight sims.

  ened 18:26 26 Feb 06

Cheers anyway.

Back to Google!!

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