COM3 Port gone missing

  panhandle 00:36 18 Feb 05

I know this is an old chestnut, I've read all the threads. My daughters laptop has lost internet connection. I established that there is no COM port in Device Manager. Have uninstalled & re-installed modem via New Hardware wizard & re-booted.
Have added port through wizard - no choice of port number, it is always COM4, and always has a problem in the resources tab. The Network Connections all look Ok.
I have connected to my PC via Ethernet adaptor,cannot get internet connection that way either.
None of the old threads really had an answer, and Daddy doesnt want to look as stupid as he is!!
Can anyone help??

  dan11 00:46 18 Feb 05

Com3 does not go missing.;-) It is a virtual port created off com1 and com2.

What I would do is enter device manager again and delete any reference to modem or simple comunications controller. Also look for any yellow ! marks. Delete these to.

Reboot the computer, with the modem driver in. It will find new hardware and point the wizard to the modem drivers. You should be up and working then.

p.s. you don't mention which operating system you are using. This makes a big difference.

  panhandle 00:52 18 Feb 05

Virtual port is understood, thanks. By delete any reference, you mean uninstall? That is the modem and the COM4 with the yelo "!" ? That is what I have been doing, so do you mean something different?

I'm using XP Pro

  dan11 01:00 18 Feb 05

Yes any reference to > modem > simple communications controller > or any yelo !

You have deleted these and rebooted?

  dan11 01:02 18 Feb 05

if so, query modem click here

  panhandle 01:08 18 Feb 05

yes, have done all you suggest, including diagnostics on modem, with same codeline and "success" as shown in the link you sent.
I have just re-installed Office for fun, made no difference to Outlook, am now going to re-install XP I think, see if that does anything because that is where IE Explorer is - what do you think?

  panhandle 01:12 18 Feb 05

I have also done a system restore without any effect.

  dan11 01:15 18 Feb 05

if you are getting succes with the query modem, then I am baffled also. :-(

The only thing I can think of is either the ISP software is not installed properly or the ISP is down.


  panhandle 01:26 18 Feb 05

Thanks for trying. Bedtime for me now, shall look afresh tomorrow, but I just done another system restore to a month ago, and still no COM3 and "no dial tone". Weird.
Good night.

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