com ports

  the kopite 22:51 21 Jun 03

Hi Guys The kopite yet again my modem is operating on com 3 and I would like it on com 2 but the com ports 1 and 2 are greyed out any ideas Guys thanks for your help in the past grovel grovel the kopite

  VoG® 22:54 21 Jun 03

Why? What difference will it make?

  ridding 22:56 21 Jun 03

comm 1 & 2 tend ot be for serial connections on most of the pc's I've seen, if the modem is internal then comm 3 sounds reasonable to me.
The question is , is it work, if so then don't worry be happy and enjoy the net.
G :)

  Mango Grummit 23:02 21 Jun 03

The only way to install modern modems is to remove all traces of the existing one - reboot the system - when the new one is detected have your CD in the drive so Windows can find and install all the required software.

Com ports 3 and 4 are not part of your system. They but are on the modem board.

  Mango Grummit 23:04 21 Jun 03

they but are* == but they are*

  the kopite 23:13 21 Jun 03

I have tried that mango {strange name} the reason guys is my connection is awful and when I had my modem on com2 it seemed a lot faster Guys i have a v92 connecting at 2600 bps [and yes i had the cain increased]so I gotta try something its making me sad the kopite

  VoG® 23:14 21 Jun 03

Changing the Port is not going to change your connection speed. Sorry, that's life.

  the kopite 23:20 21 Jun 03

Guessits the gas oven then such is life

try an older v90 modem, the v92 standard unfortunately seems badly supported by many ISP's

  cream. 23:41 21 Jun 03

There is a way to register your modem on comm2, but as stated above, I do not think it will make much difference.

First you must delete the modem from device manager and any software from add and remove programmes.

Restart the computer and enter the bios. Now look for your comm1 and comm2 settings. When you find comm2, set it to disable. This will give you one active comm port and free up one IRQ. Save settings and exit.

The modem will now be re-found as windows loads, you can now install the software for it.

Because the modem uses a virtual comm port, a by product of comm1 and comm2. As you now only have comm1 on the system, your modem should be assigned to comm2.

Whether this makes any difference is debatable. This will only give you the setting for your modem to comm2.

Perhaps a search for better drivers MAY help you further.


  DWANE PYPE 01:06 22 Jun 03

Is your Modem connection shared with a phone extention via a "splitter" If it is you'll find that your modem gets half of the connection, and the phone gets the other half. I could only get 24.400bps, and it was only by accident that I found that out, and now I get a constant 45.333bps
I hope that helps you in some way.
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