dublincity 01 Oct 12

The colours on my monitor have become totally incorrect with bright orange predominating everything and green showing as black etc. The problem is intermittent and might last for 8 hours or a few minutes. The occasional bursts of being back to correct might last for 1 minute or ½ an hour. This has been going on for 3 days. When the colours are wrong I cannot re-boot properly – no splash-screen or boot-menu appear but the PC re-starts onto the same OS (there are several). I can get into the other OS’s by changing the default setting using EasyBCD. The monitor seems not to be the problem – it is perfect with other PC’s in my network which are attached to it simultaneously.

I have switched to a spare monitor and changed all the cables but the problem remains exactly the same. I had a similar problem a year ago and overcame that by changing some cables. I wondered at the time if pins were bent or missing from one of the plugs. I know nothing about video-cards but imagine they wouldn’t cause an intermittent problem??

Any comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  KRONOS the First 01 Oct 12

Time for a new graphics card.

  lotvic 01 Oct 12

Graphic cards can have 'intermittent' problems, might be loose where it plugs into motherboard slot. When pc warms up it 'rises' in slot if not firmly pushed down. Also it may be overheating now and then if fan is getting worn out. Mine did that last year and gave a funny display but not all the time, see my thread on it Click Here

If your motherboard has onboard video take your graphic card out and try the onboard connection to see if you still have same problem.


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