Colour printing "wrong"

  kerses 16:02 20 Sep 06

Printing edited photo from PhotoStudio 5 or PhotoFiltre to Canon S450. Print not same as monitor (LG ) either colour or brightness/contrast. Copying from scanner right to printer is fine. Any ideas please. Am 85 so none too fast in spotting things!

  Terry Brown 16:13 20 Sep 06

Are you using original inkjet cartridges ?, as sometimes compatable cartridges give different colours to to the original.

Try going to the printer (Start, Printer & faxes) , select your printer, properties and see if there is any adjustments there.

  silverous 16:15 20 Sep 06

Also look through your print preferences. Sometimes there are a multitude of settings for colour matching, economy etc. colour profiles - have a play with those.

  kerses 16:44 20 Sep 06

Thanks to Terry Brown and Silverous. Yes am using compatibles, but all turns out in correct colours when I use the Copy function on my scanner to print, when of course I do nothing to adjust colour. Otherwise I would suspect something to do with printer, such as inks.

  silverous 16:57 20 Sep 06

It is to do with different 'profiles'. Each device - camera, scanner, printer has a different colour profile. The scanner, when copying "knows" about the printer (I assume it is an all-in-one device from your posts) and so it matches the colour profile. Your camera doesn't know what you are going to print on so it will have its own colour profile.

There are whole books and pieces of hardware and software dedicated to calibration, what is the make + model of the printer?

It might be that your monitor is the issue - they can also be calibrated!

  kerses 17:07 20 Sep 06

Right, Silverous. Scanner is Canoscan 3000F. Printer Canon S450. You could well be right about profiles, so I'll have to look into that. Hope return tomorrow p.m. Wife out of action so I hv to keep house, cook etc. Coping ok. Tks again

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