Colour management Photoshop and CoreDraw 12

  pangloss 11:39 AM 10 Dec 11

While my Photoshop prints look much the same as the monitor shows, when I import a Photoshop picture into CorelDraw the printer produces a way off colour balance (grossly cyan). Come to think of it Coreldraw has never been any good at showing the printed colours on the screen. Is there an answer to this?

  hssutton 15:29 PM 10 Dec 11

Firstly I would never print photos from two different programs.

Things to look for. Are both programs using the same profile i.e sRGB. In photoshop you will find the profile in use by going to Edit>>color Settings, not sure about Coral. Both need to be the same.

Next in your printer software, is the printer set to use your editors colour management or is it using the printer colour management. I have my printer set to Photoshop managers color.

Also have you calibrated your monitor? If not and you don't have means to calibrate download Monitor Calibration wixard

  pangloss 17:38 PM 10 Dec 11

Thanks hssutton a real breakthrough for me! While Photoshop was on sRGB CorelDraw was not. I changed it to the perhaps rather vague sRGB available in CorelDraw and the result was brilliant!! The only adjustment I had to make on the printer was to increase the brightness and a touch of contrast and I was there. Essentially your suggestion solved it for me - many thanks.


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