Colour laser printer ~ Can I use Inkjet Photo Paper

  wee eddie 03 May 11

I have old stock of Inkjet Photo Paper. Is there any good reason for not using it in my new Laser Printer?

  robin_x 03 May 11

link text

Take up Origami

  wiz-king 03 May 11

As above post links - NO!

  SparkyJack 03 May 11

No - there are risks of fire in the fuser unit- or at the very least glueing up the transfer rollers.

There are 'Laser Glossy' papers available but they do not give a glossy result.

Ink Jet glossy is a porous plastic which allows ink to absorb into the paper showing through the glossy top.

With a laser the powder is deposited onto the paper surface and is then 'cooked' to fix it to the paper.

So the image simply sits on the surface.

Eve with 'Laser Gloss' [which is a version of glossy magazine paper with a chalk[talc] finish you do not get a 'Gloss finish to the image.

If a glossy result is desired - print in a high white stock and then laminate it.

  wee eddie 03 May 11

I think that that just about wraps it up.

The Paper sticking to the Drum, when it is being heated, could cause considerable, and probably costly, damage.

Many thanks to everyone. I think I'll donate my remaining Photographic Paper to my Brother-in-law, who lives just down the road.

  SparkyJack 04 May 11

Well you got the message Eddie But to clear the air - Paper will not stick to the imaging drum[s] paper is never in contact there- it is the delivery rollers after emerging from the fuser unit that will suffer.

Take a look here

There are many variations of design- some colour lasers have one drum that rotates a high speed and drops the image onto a transfer belt,other have four imaging drums that drop the image to a transfer belt.

  woodchip 04 May 11

simple answer is no, it will wreck the printer


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