Color laser printer

Can any one advise me in buying a good color laser which is capable of printing in glossy photo papers.
Are they as good as ink jet for printing photos.
thank you in advance.

  Ditch999 13:37 05 Jul 08

A colour laser will not print any where near the quality of an inkjet. It will be fine for office type work though.

  jack 13:53 05 Jul 08

In a laser printer.
The paper is coated with plastic
The heat cure section will almost certainly ruin the print and there is even a risk of fire.

  woodchip 14:41 05 Jul 08

You cannot use Glossy, and the Epson C1100 does just about as good as a Inkjet. And on cheap coppy laser it will print photos better, Do not use Inkjet Coated paper in a Laser either
click here

click here

  woodchip 14:52 05 Jul 08

click here
No banding on mine

  grey george 16:32 05 Jul 08

I've got a cheapy samsung clp-300 and even on cheap plain paper the prints are great. You can get special laser photo paper click here
You do need to look at the cost of toner.

Thank you very much for all. I have decided to go for epson c1100.

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