College folder missing,how to find

  iqs 14:18 20 Jun 08

I have just noticed that the folder containing all my college work has disappeared .
I have not deleted the folder,I thought I backed it up with the rest of my folders,I did not not :-(

I have used search to locate the folder,it failed.

How can I restore this folder.The folder contained many docs and presentation in different formats.

It there a piece of software which will locate the folder my name ?.

Hope you can help please

  Technotiger 14:20 20 Jun 08

First line of defense - try a System Restore.

  iqs 14:22 20 Jun 08

Technotiger,I tried a System Restore,still missing.I don't know when the folder was deleted.Thanks

  Technotiger 14:25 20 Jun 08

Hmm, I can only suggest then that you have a look through this lot, you might strike lucky.

  Technotiger 14:26 20 Jun 08
  bjh 14:49 20 Jun 08

Try right clicking on My Computer, choose manage.
In the program that opens, choose Disk Management from the bottom left. If the drive is not visible in that display, it almost ceryainly is not correctly seen by the BIOS, or is physically damaged.

Maybe report back what you find there, and we'll help some more.

  bjh 14:50 20 Jun 08

SORRY - IGNORE ME! Not relevant - trying to answer too may threads. Apologies!

  recap 15:01 20 Jun 08

May be a silly question but, have you checked in the Recycle bin?

  iqs 15:11 20 Jun 08

I have tried many programs from the link supplied by Technotiger,none would locate the folder.I checked the Recycle Bin,its empty .

  bjh 15:19 20 Jun 08

If a search by folder name has had no luck, try searching by date - if you know when you last saved a file. Look for evidence of similar dates in a folder as well.

Try to avoid any software that needs to be installed, and avoid a system restore for now, so as to minimise the chances of overwriting the files.

Some software recovery programs can be run from a startup cd, or from a pen drive, so you won't risk an overwrite. I'll look in my program store, I might be able to recommend one.

  iqs 15:26 20 Jun 08

for the offer of help bjh

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