collecting email at someone else pc

  stourry 22:21 11 Aug 03

can i read my emails at someone else pcis it easy to do do i need lots of software help would be apprecated 22:57 11 Aug 03

with your user name and password to your ISP or mail service and retrieve mail from any PC.

  ericmax 23:01 11 Aug 03

if you have an msn or hotmail account you can access these from anywhere no problem.

  stourry 00:16 12 Aug 03

thanks for that

  golfpro 07:08 12 Aug 03

No one has mentioned this important detail, DO NOT forget to "sign out completely" from your Email program when you have finished, if you don't anybody using this computer afterwards can log into your Email program.

  john-232317 08:10 12 Aug 03

Try this for ease.

click here

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