Cold Footie Instructions - [email protected] virus.

  Pesala 21:21 25 Jul 03

I just an email from Mail Delivery System [email protected]>

With a Norton Antiirus text file attached saying:

Norton AntiVirus removed the attachment: ColdFootieInstructions.gif.pif.

The attachment was infected with the [email protected] virus

I'm running AVG antivirus with the latest data files. Can anybody tell me more?.

  Nellie2 22:33 25 Jul 03
  Nellie2 22:36 25 Jul 03
  Nellie2 22:38 25 Jul 03
  graham√ 22:38 25 Jul 03

Looks like you've got it, too!

  graham√ 22:42 25 Jul 03

Additional info : 'Discovered on: June 17, 2002 '

  Nellie2 22:44 25 Jul 03

Well I just hope FE doesn't shout at me for breaking the click here thingy

  Djohn 22:52 25 Jul 03

Keep at it Nellie2, get there in the end. j.

  VoG II 23:04 25 Jul 03
  Pesala 23:11 25 Jul 03

but you are too late. I have already been there, downloaded the tool, and scanned my PC. No virus detected. AVG also didn't find it earlier today, so why not?

  VoG II 23:15 25 Jul 03

Hmm yes I thought you would have as you are one of the most informed members of the forum. So, I do not understand your original question, or the last one for that matter!

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