codename outbreak

  compost 20:11 27 Oct 03

Help is ther any one out ther who can tell me how to get through the door at the end of the level in level 3 also is ther a walk through for game thanks

  christmascracker 20:12 27 Oct 03

Try typing the above into google there are lots to choose from

  citadel 23:35 27 Oct 03

I have finished codename outbreak, if you are at a door that will not open you are in the wrong place. Use the red arrow at the top of the screen, if the number has two sections eg 50+23 you need to go 50 meters then 23 up, if there is a - sign you go down. I can not remember mission 3 but in some missions you have to go through ventilation shafts. There are no walkthroughs for this game on the web.There is only one mission where you may get stuck, it is where you have to find a scientist to save you looking he is on a platform above the door in one of the bio tanks.

  citadel 23:49 27 Oct 03

I forgot to say search all the enemy bodies some have electronic cards to work doors and computers sometimes the cards are on tables. Check to see if you have accomplished all the objectives.

  compost 11:00 29 Oct 03

Thank for your help

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