Codecs, File Conversions, and Moviemaker

  musopoet 12:41 23 Feb 09

I've downloaded Codecs after receiving error messages in Moviemaker.

Then I used eRightSoft Super to convert files into MPEGs and loaded them into Moviemaker. They were imported successfully.

HOWEVER, when I draged and droped them into the timeline of Moviemaker they didn't appear. The MP3 audio files appeared but not the MPEGs.

When I viewed the 'properties' of the files I noticed that the bit rates of the MPEGs weren't stated but the bit rates of the MP3s were.

What's going wrong!

  MAJ 13:23 23 Feb 09

Which codecs did you download? Have you tried the K-Lite Codec pack? click here

  musopoet 13:28 23 Feb 09

Yes; I downloaded the basic pack from there.

Hope someone can help me out with this - I have a deadline to meet and I need to load these files successfully into Moviemaker.

Just can't understand why they aren't appearing on the timeline...

  MAJ 13:31 23 Feb 09

Install the Full pack, see if it helps.

You say you have a deadline, what are you trying to do in Moviemaker? There might be other options.

  musopoet 14:35 23 Feb 09

Managed to solve the problem. I converted the files into AVI files and then imported them.

They were successfully loaded into the time line.

I think it was just a case of importing the correct type of file that Moviemaker can handle.

  Les28 14:39 23 Feb 09

Don't know what the file type was before you converted to mpeg but Windows Movie Maker can be fussy over accepting input of mpeg2 file types, you may have been better converting to avi file type for importing into WMM. One time I couldn't get WMM to accept mpeg2 video from my old analogue Hi8 camcorder and ended up buying a video editing program to edit with, ironically the codecs installed by the vid editing program now allow WMM to accept input of mpeg2 files.

A couple of ideas here, first one is installing a codec pack and in Tools, Options, Compatability, in WMM , trying to get WMM to accept the mpeg2.

click here

The other one here is using Virtual Dub Mod or Virtual Dub mpeg2 to convert from mpeg2 to avi which should be acceptable to WMM.

click here

What was your original file type and did you convert to mpeg2 in Super?
You could always download GSpot and open your file in that to give you more details

click here

  Les28 14:40 23 Feb 09

Sorry, just seen that you've sorted it, Les.

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