code page specified not prepared???

  geoff47 21:27 26 Jun 03

I have another query.
On boot up I am getting a message that reads...
Too many parameters
Too many parameters
Code page not prepared
Code page specified not prepared....
I have had the too many parameters message before and it was resolved....but now this one is concerning me.
Is it anything to worry about?
I have recently installed Star Office,Turbo cash,
and Easy thumbnails.
Please nothing too technical,or put it simply for a simple soul.
Thanks Geoff47

  geoff47 00:08 28 Jun 03

My question has gone 2 days with no answers...are you regular helpers getting fed up with my mundane questions?
This may push it to the top again...its called refreshing isn't it?
Win 98SE if I forgot last time....I only want to know if I can leave things as they are,or is there a potential problem waiting for me?
Thanks again Geoff47

  DieSse 00:46 28 Jun 03

You may find that if you are in DOS, certain characters will not display correctly. It shouldn't affect what goes on in Windows, and I would ignore it if I were you.

  geoff47 11:51 28 Jun 03

Thanks didn't notice any problems but you never know.

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