Dirk Diggler 19:23 16 Jun 07

I have a number of what I thought were blank DVD-RW discs, yet when I try and use them to burn a DVD using Pinnacle Studio it says please insert blank disc.

When I click on the drive letter in My Computer is states there is no disc in the drive!

What is the easiest way to format these discs so that I can re-use them - they are meant to be RW after all!


  howard64 20:15 16 Jun 07

you could have a faulty drive? does it play dvds without problem? does it read dvd you have previously burnt?

  ambra4 20:18 16 Jun 07

do not use RW as they cause a lot of trouble

Right click on drive with a disk install and you should be able to format disk

Or open software and it should allow you to format disk

  ambra4 20:23 16 Jun 07

It is a lot safer to use a flash drive there is flash drives that can store 8 -16GBs

  SANTOS7 20:24 16 Jun 07

have you tried diferent media, +rw instaed of -RW, a diferent make of disc might help, some players are fussy about what make of disc you use..

  rdave13 20:27 16 Jun 07

Agree with ambra4. I never use RW discs. Read-only are better in my opinion. Flash drives have been known to fail so make two backups.

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