cmos password

  honda5 09:54 15 Feb 05

I inherited a 233 Hz PC with windows Me and a 8mb hard disc . I already had a 4mb spare hard disc to decided to install it as a slave .
When I start up I get F2 set up then the CMOS set up utilty asking for a password which I don’t have .
How do I get round this –any ideas please

  Diodorus Siculus 10:18 15 Feb 05

Depends on the motherboard - do you know the motherboard in it?

Removing the battery for a while is one option; changing jumpers on the mobo another but you will need to know the mobo.

  sophiaolia 08:10 25 Apr 11
  woodchip 09:36 25 Apr 11

To get round Password, you will have to remove the Motherboard Battery a Silver Disc leave out for a While then refit it It will lose all CMOS settings and it should revert to Default settings, if its not quite right after on how it runs you will have to tinker with the settings to reset it

  birdface 09:39 25 Apr 11

Best not opening sophiaolia's click here as WOT gives it a straight Red.

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