Cmos battery location

  JamesBRN 14:05 21 Apr 15

Can someone help me im trying to locate the cmos battery on a Toshiba satellite C50D-B-120 but cant find it could someone tell me where abouts the battery is ???

  bumpkin 14:49 21 Apr 15

Lotvic answered this question earlier.

  bumpkin 14:53 21 Apr 15

Sorry I am wrong, it was Onthelimit who answered your earlier question not Lotvic.

  JamesBRN 14:55 21 Apr 15

Yeah i tried that and had the motherboard out and dismantled it but still cant locate it .. it`s a complete mystery

  bumpkin 14:55 21 Apr 15

If you still cannot locate it then try sticking to one thread to avoid confusion.

  bumpkin 14:59 21 Apr 15

How old is your laptop.

  JamesBRN 15:02 21 Apr 15

Its about 3 years old

  bumpkin 15:10 21 Apr 15

OK, can you post a link to a photo of the MB.

I could well be completely wrong here (frequently am) but I think from memory that some boards have the cmos battery soldered on and it does not look anything like a normal cmos battery.

Better to wait for the experts really.

  JamesBRN 15:14 21 Apr 15

you want me to take a pic of the laptop open ?

  bumpkin 15:36 21 Apr 15

Yes if you can but you will not be able to post it directly to this site, you will need to do it via a link.

  Procrastinus 16:59 22 Apr 15

Try this: click here

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