cmos Battery

  rivington 15:43 15 Jul 08

Replacing the cmos battery on my computer. Is this an easy operation? Can I just remove the old one and fit a new one ? Will I loose and infromation or setting when I replace it. Thank you for any comments on this matter.

  wotbus@ 15:53 15 Jul 08

Normally it's OK to "1 out, 1 in".
Download Everest Free, possibly from here: click here
When you run it, it will tell you make/model/series etc of your mobo. Then just go to the manufacturers site and read the manual with regard to changing the CMOS battery.

  ronalddonald 15:53 15 Jul 08

you can wathc you tube there are some very good films on how to replace the cmos. Depending on the age of the comp you may have to reinstall software.

Normally the cmos will cancell any paswword on the machine.

You will need a non magnetic screwdriver
A wrist grounder that disperses eletric current in your body you dont want to fry the mother board

Mske sure you unplug the machine unplug all cables all usb cables etc.

Now the fun part you ve got locate nad be grounded at the ame time and all motherboards MB are differet.

If you have a handbook on the MB then please read that first, beacuse it may have valuable info in there like diagram of the motherboeard and where thecmso battery is. Also if there a pdf disc study that as well. Like ive said there are some very good examples on you tube.

Some mother boards you have to buy seprate pins to reset the pasword you can get the from maplin, you insert he pins inot a section of the mother board and it should rest the pasword and hence you dont have to reinstall the software.

Good luck

  johndrew 15:59 15 Jul 08

Easy operation - yes, especially on a PC less so on a laptop.

Yes, but you will lose saved settings so you will need to put them back again. For information and help click here and click here and click here

You should be able to do it easily enough.

  Ditch999 16:04 15 Jul 08

Re: "Normally the cmos will cancell any paswword on the machine."
This is not the case. Removal of the battery will only change any settings made in the BIOS which will revert back to its default status.
Any passwords you created for Windows or anything else within the OS (like website passwords) will not be changed or deleted.

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