CMOS battery

  gengiscant 09:46 22 Mar 08

I'm in the process of testing an Aopen AX34 mobo,just having cpu,graphics card,memory and power supply connected,powering up by touching two pins in the case connector array.
all seems to be OK can get into the bios,I happened to glance down and noticed that it lacks a CMOS battery,as shown here

My question where can I get the information on what type of battery need.

  johnnyrocker 09:55 22 Mar 08

click here=


It is a CR2032

  wotbus@ 10:34 22 Mar 08

With some mobo's, if the CMOS battery is removed for any length of time the BIOS will need re-flashing.
I mention this in case you replace the battery, find nothing works and think its the mobo dead :-)

  gengiscant 10:38 22 Mar 08

Thanks all.

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