Eddie 2425 20:20 17 Mar 03

help my sons computer crashed all it says is
"cmos battery failed" what does this mean ??

  MAJ 20:36 17 Mar 03

It means you have to replace the cmos battery, which is on the Motherboard. It looks like a large watch battery and you should be able to get one from any computer shop. Take the old one with you to make sure you get the correct type.

  powerless 20:37 17 Mar 03

There is a battery inside the PC that powers an internal clock and keeps the setup of the BIOS all nice and cosy.

This battery (one of those little circular ones) has probably "gone flat". You need another battery...

However it would appear from what i have seen on my searches this message maybe a fault wth the motherboard. The battery fits onto the motherboard.

I would get a new battery and see it that clears the message.

  Eddie 2425 20:43 17 Mar 03

thanx guys i thought that round battery only powered the clock, i will get it changed

  lester1 23:15 17 Mar 03

Before you swap the battery take note of your BIOS settings just in case

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