Closing lid on laptop loses Bt Broadband ?

  wishtobwireless 18:33 07 Nov 07

Just recently when I close my laptop lid I lose my connection to Bt broadband. The only way of getting the connection back is to shut down and start again! The only changes that have been made are that I have had BT Vision installed with a new hub. It all works fine apart from this - it also works in this manner with my daughters laptop too. Is there a simple thing I need to do?
Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  Technotiger 18:48 07 Nov 07

Check your Power settings in Control Panel - when closing the lid your laptop is probably going into Standby which, rather than Hibernate.

  wee eddie 20:20 07 Nov 07

Have a cut-out switch on the lid so that closing it stops battery use.

  woodchip 20:26 07 Nov 07

You can get it to restart by right clicking on the Internet connection and choose Repair. But it sounds like you are using Hibernate, instead of stand by mode. You can change this in Control Panel\Power settings

  woodchip 20:27 07 Nov 07

Mine does as yours in Hibernate but not Stand-by mode

  wishtobwireless 07:48 08 Nov 07

Not sure how I did really as it told me I couldn't change it, but it seems to have changed. I now have it on stanby never and hibernate never. It wont let me change the stanby! Oh well doesn't matter - Its sorted thanks again...

  Taff™ 07:57 08 Nov 07

Somewhere in the settings there is the option to change what happens when you close the lid - set it to "do nothing".

  Technotiger 08:02 08 Nov 07

Grreat, thanks for the feedback. There is usually a simple way to do things - it is just knowing how :-))

  Technotiger 08:03 08 Nov 07

PS - don't forget the Green tick - Resolved.

  woodchip 14:21 08 Nov 07

Some Laptop BIOS can be set through Power Manaement, on how they react to closing the lid

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