Closing CDs to be read on any PC, Easy CD Creator

  exdragon 21:00 25 Oct 05

Hi, I'm changing my computer shortly and have lots of photos on CDs which have been created using Easy CD Creator 5. I've done them using the 'Send to' option after formatting with Direct CD and in general, have chosen the 'Always show the ejections options' dialogue box, and not closing them in case I wanted to add more later. This had worked very well so far.

However, if I have a new PC and am starting from scratch, I want to be able to read these CDs. How do I now close them?

If I right click the CD drive in Windows Explorer, and choose Properties, I get the dialoge box which gives the options to leave, ask or close, but when I choose the latter, it gives the message 'Could not set the volume label. Access is denied'.

Have I missed something somewhere? Thanks

  exdragon 23:03 25 Oct 05

I'm off to bed now, but maybe someone on the night shift will be able to help.

  exdragon 15:55 26 Oct 05

Any volunteers yet?? I tried adding something to one cd, then closing it and it seemed ok, but when I tried it on the 2nd one, I got the message as described in the original post

  Stuartli 16:00 26 Oct 05

Finalise them individually in your burning program (even if you have to add a small file that's of little consequence to do so).

  Confab 16:01 26 Oct 05

I don't use Easy CD Creator but I would copy your pictures etc to a folder on to your hard drive and then burn new CD's as DATA CD's using a CDR, not CDRW to burn them on to. Make sure that your CD's are finalised as well.

Doing this will ensure the best compatibility with your new PC.

  exdragon 16:51 26 Oct 05

Stuartli - that's what I tried to do, but it worked for one but not the 2nd

Confab - I'm using CDRs, and I have so many I didn't really want to have to re-do them all. It's only so I have a readable back up for when I get my new PC. I din't finalise them at the burning stage as I didn't envisage replacing the PC and only just realised that I probably won't be able to open them

Thanks anyway!

  Lettervanman 17:08 26 Oct 05

I had Easy CD on my previous computer,I am sure that the option is there in the Easy program.You may just have missed it.

  exdragon 18:08 26 Oct 05

I think I've got it sorted - if I go into Easy CD and choose the Eject option, I can close them - well, some of them, other ones just eject.

However, I'm putting those on the external hard drive. When I get the new machine, I faithfully promise to put them all on DVD, finalise them (if that's what you do to DVDs) and throw all the other copies away...maybe.

Thanks all

  Stuartli 18:41 26 Oct 05

>>I din't finalise them at the burning stage as I didn't envisage replacing the PC and only just realised that I probably won't be able to open them>>

I used both open multisession and closed CD-Rs (using Nero) to install various data on other systems and they all achieve the desired result.

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