Cloning my old computer

  Tycho 10:19 17 Jan 09

It looks as if my old celeron computer is dead from a blown motherboard. I have been offered, free, gratis and for nothing, a pentium 4. If I were to remove the HDD from the old machine and put it in the new, would the new become like the old?


  Belatucadrus 10:34 17 Jan 09

Unlikely, your installation will incorporate setup data and drivers for the current MOBO. Just slotting the drive into a new PC probably isn't going to work. No harm in trying though.

  Pamy 10:34 17 Jan 09

fraid not

  Technotiger 10:40 17 Jan 09

Hmm, would the new become like the old? ... depends on a couple of things - does the new already have a hard drive in it, is the OS of both old and new the same. A bit more info needed here.

  Pineman100 12:43 17 Jan 09

If the new computer already has a hard drive with Windows installed, why not just install the old HDD as a slave and copy your data files across to the new?

You could then format the old drive and use it for backups.

  Tycho 13:09 17 Jan 09

Thanks chaps.

The new computer will come with a freshly formatted and blank HDD. No OS, nothing. It is being given to me by he local doctor.


  Pineman100 14:19 17 Jan 09

So it'll be virus-free, eh?!

  Pineman100 14:23 17 Jan 09

Has the doctor been using it with Windows? If so, can't he pass it to you without deleting Windows?

He could securely erase the data without erasing Windows. click here

  eedcam 16:04 17 Jan 09

Trust it was a personal pc as most depts now do not allow the Hard drives to be passed on

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