Cloning HD with Acronis but Ext. HD isn't empty?

  buel 07:05 05 May 10

Hi, i suspect my fan had stopped working on my laptop so am trying to clone my hard drive to an external hard drive but Acronis keeps telling me that 'The destination drive you have chosen contains some partitions that might have useful data. The operation is possible only if the destination is empty. In order to proceed with the operation, you should either allow Acronis True Image home to delete all the partitions on the destination hard drive or click back and choose another destination drive'. Does my external hard drive really have to be empty to clone my hard drive please?

  mooly 07:36 05 May 10

Seems logical it should ask that.
You are cloning... not making an image backup... so you have to put the image on an empty partition.

  canarieslover 08:12 05 May 10

I agree with mooly. You can't have a clone that is different to the original.

  mgmcc 16:05 05 May 10

You don't need to make a "clone" of your original drive. This is normally only done when you need to replace a failing drive or to install a larger drive. With an external drive, you should create an Acronis "image" of your laptop's drive and that will leave the external drive's existing partition structure, folders and files intact. The "image" file can still be restored to a new/different hard drive should the need arise.

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