Clone hard drive

  jewellui 00:46 06 Mar 14

I am trying to upgrade my 32gb SSD to a 2TB HD with no luck and it is driving me nuts...!!

I have 2 hard drives currently the 32 SSD and a 500GB. I've taken out the 500GB and put in the 2TB which I am trying to copy the 32gb SSD to but everytime I use some cloning software I get some kind of error. I've tried quite a few of the popular free clone software found on google. Not sure whether it is because my 32GB SDD has to little space on it, only 300mb?

  rdave13 01:13 06 Mar 14

Have you changed any of your documents folders paths to the spinning drive?

If so you're sunk. Never change WINDOWS' paths, always leave on the C:/ drive. Your SSD and 500GB are now entwined as in one partition if you have been clever enough to do it. If so then you will need to clone both drives to the new one. That's where I'm stumped and I assume the cloning software is also stumped.

  bumpkin 11:35 04 Jun 14

Jock1e, I am just curious really as to how you check out spammers so readily. I know it is often fairly obvious from the nature of the post but you provide links to details.

  Jollyjohn 12:12 04 Jun 14

Anyway, back to the original post, I can recommend Macrium reflect for cloning.

You will have to clone both drives to the new drive. You can clone to separate partitions on the new drive if needed.

  bumpkin 12:35 04 Jun 14

Thanks for that explanation Jock1e, so when you message FE do you paste in the post or user name. I have done it a few times and given the date, time and name but if there is an easier way I would use that.

  bumpkin 14:16 04 Jun 14

Thanks for reply.

  jewellui 01:14 05 Jun 14

Hi, was not aware of any replies till now.

I have used all the major free software available including Macrium reflect and I get an error which is not clear what the problem is just like the others.

Sadly I have not found a solution, new hard drive sits unused and my current ones are full.

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