clock time changed issue!

  gazmix 08:03 01 Oct 09

I turned pc on this morning at 7.48am & the clock said 23.48 & yesterdays date!
What could've happened?

  Graham. 08:23 01 Oct 09

The likely cause is a failed BIOS battery.

  gazmix 08:27 01 Oct 09

How do i know for deffinate?
I altered the clock & date & rebooted a few times & the time seems to have stayed ok.

  Graham. 08:31 01 Oct 09

You don't, but change it anyway. They're very cheap and easy to change click here

  interzone55 08:56 01 Oct 09

A failed BIOS battery will normally warn you on bootup, as the time was exactly 8 hours out it's more likely to be a time zone issue.

Check your region hasn't suddenly changed to Pacific Time or Tijuana...

  gazmix 09:27 01 Oct 09

Ok, i looked at times zone & it was at Pacific Time/Tijuana, so i changed it back to GMT Casablanca/Monrovia & the time went to 16.22 hrs!
How come it went to 16.22 when i set it back & how come the time zone changed?

I then had to go & manually change the date & time!

Could it be because i recently had my pc formatted & reinstalled XP & its the 1st of the month?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:57 01 Oct 09

Could it be because i recently had my pc formatted & reinstalled XP

Yes XP defaults to Pacific Time you should have reset date and time when you reinstalled.

  birdface 15:12 01 Oct 09

Dublin Edinburgh Lisbon and London if in the Uk.But I assume that you are not here.

  woodchip 15:24 01 Oct 09

Clock will only change if battery run down, and you switch PC of at the Mains. If you reset the Clock with Mains plugged in it will not loose it until you again switch off at the mains

  gazmix 15:47 01 Oct 09

Fruit bat, I had the pc formatted & XP installed around a fortnight ago & has been ok, it just happened over last night!

buteman, my pc doesn't have those cities in the dropdown list, just Casablanca & Monrovia for GMT, Casablanca is the same time as London/Lisbon.

Woodchip, i haven't unplugged pc at all from mains!, i just powered off as usual last night via start > shutdown!

  woodchip 15:53 01 Oct 09

No Idea then, Battery for mobo 8 for £1 where I go Lithium

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