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Clock Speed had dropped!

  funky_demon 18:36 17 Sep 04

Im Puzzled?

This my PC Spec

ASUS V7800 Motherboard
Athlon 3200 xp processor
1 gig Ram
120gig Maxtor SATA Hard Drive
Radeon 9600 Graphics Card
Running Windows XP

When first checked, using the properties screen in "My Computer", it said my processor speed was 1.8gig. It has now dropped to 1.1gig??

Any Ideas



  Rayuk 18:46 17 Sep 04

Im puzzled also as the 3200XP should run higher you will need to go into the bios and adjust the fsb to 200,I think you will find it on 100 at the moment
11x100=1100 11x200=2200 11x166=1826
The 3200XP runs at 2.2GHz with a fsb of 200/400

  Rayuk 18:52 17 Sep 04

Is your motherboard an Asus A7V600 or A7V880

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:21 17 Sep 04

Sometimes the BIOS to reverts to default settings.
(don't Know why power surges battery glitches?)

You will need to resr several settings in BIOS

FSB certainly And possibly tings like boot order.

  funky_demon 21:58 17 Sep 04

Thanks for your responses, just gonna go try them



  funky_demon 22:18 17 Sep 04


Just looked in the BIOS screen and got a bit scared lol

So rather that pretend i know what im doing, thought i would check on here

Which part of the BIOS do i need to change?

is it the DRAM? cos that gives me options of 266mhz,and 400mhz
help please!

  Quiller. 22:36 17 Sep 04

This is for the A7V600. click here

The first setting must be manual, if it is then alter the cpu external clock speed to 200/33.

  Quiller. 22:38 17 Sep 04

click here
[img]click here[/img]

<img src="click here" alt="Free Image Hosting by ZippyImages.com" />

one of the images may come up.:-(

  Quiller. 22:59 17 Sep 04

The 880 is a different kettle of fish.click here

It looks as if you have to enter it via the jumper free configuration. Select through the A1 overclock tuner. See if you can alter it to 200 from there.

  Rayuk 08:52 18 Sep 04

As bsod says, make sure CPU multiplier is on 11 then change A1 overclock tuner to manual then the cpu frequency to 200.

  funky_demon 11:42 18 Sep 04

thanks all for your help

i have done this and am now running at 2.2

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