Clock on PC running fast

  Spr 16:47 04 Nov 14

My desktop time & date has started playing up. It keeps running fast & date is out, can it be anything other than the battery

Than you

  bumpkin 17:09 04 Nov 14

CMOS battery is the most likely thing, have you replaced it?

  alanrwood 20:15 04 Nov 14

If it isn't the battery then it is not a fixable problem as the clock oscillator is running too fast. How much does it gain over a 24 hour period.

  bumpkin 20:30 04 Nov 14

OP says date wrong also.

  bumpkin 20:37 04 Nov 14

Spr. Assuming you have replaced the battery, try synchronizing it to internet time.

  lotvic 20:44 04 Nov 14

Did you alter the clock on 25/26th October when clocks went back 1 hour?

  BRYNIT 21:38 04 Nov 14

Do you have it set to the correct time zone?

Do you have Synchronize with an internet server ticked as this automatically set the time if you are connected to the internet.

  Spr 12:16 07 Nov 14

The clock seems to gain 15hrs in 24 also the date is out by day

  lotvic 14:37 07 Nov 14

So that we can tell you what settings to alter and which keyboard buttons to press, please do the following.

At the bottom right of your desktop, leftclick on the time and date that is showing.

On the pop-up leftclick on the words at the bottom Change Date and time settings

On the next pop-up:

on the 'Date and Time' tab, and under Time zone: Tell us what it says

on the 'Internet Time' tab, Tell us what it says computer is set to synchronize with

  bumpkin 15:28 07 Nov 14

Is this a gradual gain over 24hrs or is it always 15hrs out. If the later then I would think you have it set to the wrong time zone.

  lotvic 11:01 10 Nov 14

Spr please answer our questions so that we can help you. It is of no use posting a new thread, it just causes confusion. Please stick with just one thread for this problem.

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