Clock on PC is loosing time

  mctrout 13 Jan 13

The last few days the clock my PC has been loosing time. Since last night it has lost 7 hours 15 mins. I searched google to see what the cause might be & the two main answers I found were 1 the CMOS battery was draining & 2 the Motherboard was failing. I hope it is only the battery. But is there a way for me to find out if it is the Motherboard that is the cause. Thanks Mac

What Jock1e said. It's much more likely to be the CMOS battery - especially if your PC is more than 2-3 years old - which is both cheap and easy to replace.

  mctrout 13 Jan 13

Thanks for the replies, The PC is 6 years old & it doesn't seem slow apart from the clock. I can run Photoshop CS6 on it with no trouble at all. Thanks again to all for replying. Mac

  SillBill 13 Jan 13

If it is a CR2032 Lithium, you can get 10 for £1.99 on Amazon, Post Free

  lotvic 13 Jan 13

Or you can just buy one from the supermarket or chemist or poundshop, they will be on the stand with the other batteries. Cost about £2 each. CR2032 flat silver battery looks like a 10p coin but a bit thicker.

Do you know how to take the old one out? Some pc's have a clip to undo and often you need to prise battery free as it is a tight fit.

We are presuming you have a desktop pc and not a laptop. You don't want to inadvertently damage the clip so tell us the make and model of your pc and we can advise.

  mctrout 14 Jan 13

It is a ASUS Motherboard & it is a Desktop.

  finerty 14 Jan 13

on the mother board you will find a coin size silver battery, that needs replacing. It should have a + plus sign on the top. You may need to grown yourself to stop eletric discharge using a strap or other method. open the case take out he old battery, and replace with new one.

A failing CMOS battery wouldn't make your PC run slow, neither would it affect your ability to run the large majority of programs. Given your PC's age, and given the symptoms, that's definitely what it looks like.

I think finerty meant "ground" by the way... :-)

  spuds 14 Jan 13

YouTube have a number of videos showing how to change the battery, if you are not sure about doing a change.

More info:

You can usually slip the battery under the metallic tab (if available), but if you try this method don't use force, as the tab might break, or the space between the battery and tab might get wider, making electric circuit contact a little difficult.

  spuds 14 Jan 13

Whoops, missed a dot off the above link- try:

  mctrout 15 Jan 13

It was the battery, I installed a new one set the date & time then shut down the PC. I have just turned it back on & the time is as it should be. When I saw it could be either the battery or the motherboard, I thought the way my luck has been for the last few weeksit's bound to be the motherboard. Maybe my l7uck is changing. Thanks to all for replying


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