Clock fast on 2.16 GHz system with Win XP - Help

  RDG 19:18 26 Jan 04

i am running a Athlon XP2700 with 1GByte of RAM running Win XP Home but have found the clock to be extremely fast by as much as several minutes a day.
As I wish to use this computer for downloading realtime weather maps this is not a lot of use.

Has anyone any suggestions on how to improve the situation either Hardware or software wise ?

Win Xp will only update automatically every week so this is not a lot of use.

Any helpfull suggestions would be appreciated.


  BurrWalnut 19:57 26 Jan 04

If you want to set the system clock to the correct time, double-click the time in systray, then Internet Time Tab, then Update Now.

  RDG 22:01 26 Jan 04

BurrWalnut, I should have made it clear that that resets the clock to the correct time but it will gain a minute or more within the next few hours !

  DieSse 23:19 26 Jan 04

There is no way to adjust the clocks timekeeping - it's done by the Operating System when the systems running, and in turn is therefore linked back to the processor clock generation - the frequency must be minutely wrong.

All you can do is to set up an internet time correcting program, and tell it to check and adjust frequently - every 10mins would be plenty to give you very good accuracy.

Example program click here

  RDG 09:04 27 Jan 04

DieSse, Thanks for the reply. Yes your first para is correct b ut interestingly it can be tweaked by the BIOS (By the manufacturers of the Board). I will investigate the latest BIOS and see if any changes have been made.

Thanks for the reference that's most useful.

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