The clock...

  martjc 09:33 02 Aug 06

...among some other problems, I am finding that on some occasions my PCs clock is out - by out, I mean exactly one hour slow.
I use the internet to correct it, but if I look again, in a different session, sometimes it has reverted - exactly an hour.
My first thought was the daylight saving function of Windows - but surely that should happen only twice a year. It used to work fine. Why am I getting this problem? Any ideas??

  Graham ® 09:42 02 Aug 06

BIOS battery failing?

  rawprawn 09:46 02 Aug 06

After a quick google, the general opinion about this problem seems to be it is caused either by Norton, playing some games, or if you disable the daylight saving adjustment it seems OK. Hope this helps, it does not seem to be a battery problem. The alternative is to get Atomic Clock or TClockEx free downloads.

  martjc 09:53 02 Aug 06

No, I don't suspect the battery - if that was the case, the time would be inaccurate by differing amounts - this is ALWAYS one hour out.

I don't use Norton - too much bad press about it these days. Will try your advised clock programs.

Thanks all!

  DieSse 14:14 02 Aug 06

The battery only runs the clock when the system is switched off.

As you rightly say, when the system is running, the clock is controlled by the Operating System. I hour out each time is very odd - have you checked that your system time is set for the UK (if you're in the UK) - otherwise a clock checking program could be resetting it for the wrong locale.

  martjc 19:07 02 Aug 06

...It is set to GMT. Strange - It does not seem to happen when I log on using my name - only if I log on as Administrator, which happens automatically!

I'm marking this resolved now. I'll muddle through.

Thanks again!

  martjc 19:10 02 Aug 06


  Fingees 19:15 02 Aug 06

It should be set to GMT, but also allow for BST, The box marked allow for daylight saving should also be checked.

  martjc 19:18 02 Aug 06

...The box in question is ticked. Marked as resolved. Ta!

  martjc 19:22 02 Aug 06

...What's happening here. Have ticked resolved twice now but can't see a green tick on the thread!

  VoG II 19:23 02 Aug 06

Don't type anything, just tick the box.

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