postie 13:04 07 Sep 03

any suggestions on how to d/load from the clipboard onto PSP7 ? as want to cut and paste and make a new picture

  MAJ 13:40 07 Sep 03

I'm not 100% sure what you're trying to do, postie. But if you have something on the clipboard you can paste it into PSP as either a new image or as a layer in an existing image. In PSP go to, Edit > Paste > As a new image/as a new selection.

  postie 15:59 07 Sep 03

Maj I am trying to cut a portion out of a picture and repaste it to make a separate picture is this possible?

  pj123 16:08 07 Sep 03

Open the picture in PSP and use the crop tool to define the area you want. Then place the mouse in the middle of the cropped area and double click and then File, Save As and save it under a different name.

  postie 18:16 07 Sep 03

thanks for your help it worked a treat
ive used this prog for 2 years and never once found out how to do this

  postie 19:39 18 Feb 04

thanks again to all

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