algernonymous 21:47 14 Feb 05

On the odd occasion when I use my Office 2000 clipart, I am sometimes prompted to 'insert disc 2' to access the required pic. Is there a way I can copy the disc onto my pc and thus avoid this hassle?

  Hairy Yeti 21:53 14 Feb 05

Try a Google search for "free cd emulator"

  GaT7 22:43 14 Feb 05

From memory, you should be able to install ALL the Clipart available on Discs 1&2.

As you're only being asked for Disc2, place it in your CD-Rom drive & click on 'Add or Remove Features' in the setup wizard. Browse through all the available features to install & you should come across one called 'Clip Gallery' (or similar under Office Tools - I think). Left-click it & select 'Run all from My Computer', then click on the 'Update Now' & follow the wizard to complete, rebooting your PC to complete the installation.

From henceforth you shouldn't be asked for the Office Disc2 each time you want to use certain Clipart. G

PS - if the above doesn't work, you may have to run the 'Repair' option in the setup wizard.

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