Clicking on username = logging off?

  ClownBoy 17:22 12 Jan 07


I have a pc which, when booted, goes fine until I get to the select user screen. If I select my own name (the only one there), it flashes the desktop, then back to select user, where it tells me I am logging off. It then stays on the select user screen.

I have tried to boot in safe mode using my own name and admin, neither option works. I have also tried "last known good". Nothing seems to work.

Any advice would be great.

XP Home incidentally.

  VoG II 17:26 12 Jan 07

Possibly: click here and scroll down to 'Here is the solution to the logon - logoff issue in Windows XP'.

  ClownBoy 17:32 12 Jan 07

Hmm, could well be that.

Problem is, that the comupter was an OEM XP Home, so I can't follow those instructions, I only have an XP Pro cd.

Thanks for the help.

  PaulB2005 17:46 12 Jan 07

"Problem is, that the comupter was an OEM XP Home, so I can't follow those instructions, I only have an XP Pro cd."

Should still work if you are just loading up the Recovery Console.

  ClownBoy 17:56 12 Jan 07

Ok, I'll give that a try, thanks all!

  ClownBoy 19:28 12 Jan 07

Everywhere I have looked on this subject, it has told me that I should get a C:\Windows prompt. I don't I only get a C: It won't let me type in CD System32 or Chdir system32 and I'm assuming that's the reason. Sorry for being thick, but where am I going wrong?

Boot from CD.
Press R.
Command prompt I get is C:

Thanks in advance.

  VoG II 20:09 12 Jan 07


CD Windows

  ClownBoy 20:10 12 Jan 07

Sheesh, how thick have I been? Sorry and thanks.

  PaulB2005 21:28 12 Jan 07

Hmm, been there, done worse....

How did it works out?

  ClownBoy 23:30 12 Jan 07

Didn't work, cd windows was not an acceptable command.

I have..... C:\>

and nothing seems to work, chkdsk says something along the lines of "there are one or two unresolvable problems" something like that.

I can't get any of the commands to work.

I must be doing something wrong, but I don't know what.

  terryf 00:45 13 Jan 07

from the C prompt type dir, this will tell you what directories (or folders) there are

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