Clicking in the background

  hawthorn59 12:23 PM 03 Jul 12


Recently while browsing I have noticed an occasional "clicking" sound going on in the background. Somewhat like when you are typing but not quite the same. I do remember years ago the same problem but I think it just stopped (different pc that time). I dontknow what it is and its really annoying.

I have Sony vaio 2 yrs old; win 7, 4 gig ram.

any ideas?


  lotvic 12:28 PM 03 Jul 12

Is sound coming out of your Speakers or is it a mechanical noise from a component inside your pc?

  hawthorn59 16:55 PM 04 Jul 12

I hadnt thought of that. After observation I am pretty certain that its coming from inside the machine!



  KRONOS the First 17:15 PM 04 Jul 12

Hard-drive perhaps?

  KRONOS the First 17:16 PM 04 Jul 12

Or more likely a fan slightly out of alignment and hitting the casing.

  woodchip 19:58 PM 04 Jul 12

I would say its you hard drive and browser that is trying to read your next move on the net, so it pre-downloads web pages or your Hard Drive is getting full

  lotvic 00:58 AM 05 Jul 12

Difficult to pin down noise as it is a laptop. Can you try to listen to which area it is coming from? As has been said it is prob Harddrive or a fan. You could check for dust and muck near the fan outlets.


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