Clickety click said my HDD...

  spanneress 18:49 05 Aug 04

...sizzle sizzle said my adaptor....

Using my Compaq Evo as my main working machine ..have several others but this is set up with all my customer diagnosis stuff etc etc..anyhoos.. been working just dandy. the middle of a web search it froze, hung and the HDD started clicking...tried usual fail safe life savers barr hitting it with a hammer..reboot to safe mode no good..after much time and eyebrow raising I put it away and started using a Sony.

Anyhoos again..decided to fix it today, took HDD out, blew it and other very high tech undertakings...put it back in and hey presto..all fine. Ran the battery down for a while blah blah then ran it on mains. The adaptor is too hot to touch..could the adaptor seriously be responsible for its poor behaviour last week? The laptop is usually on 24/7.

  Chegs ® 20:20 05 Aug 04

Yes,heat in ANY components for PC usage can cause errant behaviour,it can also be quite hard to locate if its a PSU.One of my previous PC's,the fan had started turning much slower causing the PSU to occasionally crash the puter.I checked the usual culprits temps(cpu/ram/graphics cards,etc)and nothing alarming was apparent.I only noticed the fans poor performance by accident(retrieving a CD from behind the desk)rectified it,and the PC ceased crashing.More recently,I have had 2xSATA hdd's die inside a week,these drives have always run very hot(so I added an extra 40mm fan to help cool the system)but the 1st to fail occurred whilst I had the side off the case and I was able to instantly touch the drive,it left me with "angry" red fingertips it was so hot. :-)

  spanneress 20:25 05 Aug 04

AAArrgh!!! I probably should mention at this point that my Compaq is a laptop and the HDD is 330 quid to replace!!!!

Can I not just buy a generic it is not located physically next to the lap top should it produce such errant behaviour then?

I *knew* I should have taken some notice in Physics lessons!!!

  Chegs ® 20:30 05 Aug 04

The hot PSU can cause its voltages etc to vary,PC's definitely dont like this,especially spikes above its normal voltage!

Yes,you should be able to get a generic adaptor,but be aware,you only get what you pay for.

  spanneress 20:33 05 Aug 04

OK..thanks for you per chance have any recommendations?

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