Click Print...but printer shows 'no documents pending'?

  buel 19:41 05 Jun 11


I am experiencing some problems with my Epson Sx100/Sx105. When i click to print something, the little Epson pop up appears...then disappears and there is no documents pending!! Please can i ask is there any advice someone can offer?

  Jollyjohn 20:00 05 Jun 11

can you print a test page?

If not then yoour pprinter is not installed properly, delete it and re install.

  buel 20:28 05 Jun 11

Hi, thank you. I will do that.......however, i should i point out that this happens EXACTLY the same on both my that is odd??

Now, i just tried to print a test page but the pop up told me an 'unknown error' had occured and advised restarting the printer. I did this then when it came back on the message appeared telling me to 'replace cartridge' but wouldn't specify which one? So, i pressed the button on the printer that normally lines up which cartridge needs replacing and after a bit of confusion the printer heads then reverted to their default position and the orange light then went out. And so im back at square one..... Any ideas? Do you still think reinstalling the software is the appropriate answer, bearing in mind that, strangely, it happens on both computers?

  lotvic 20:50 05 Jun 11

Does it work when you scan and print a copy of something - without using the computer?

  woodchip 23:19 05 Jun 11

May be a good IDEA to replace all carts, then if it does not print, you will know its the printyer

  woodchip 23:19 05 Jun 11

It could be a Faulty USB cable

  Sapins 08:56 06 Jun 11

Try Live Chat on the Epson site, I have used it a few times and it has always come up with the answer.

  buel 19:12 08 Jun 11

Hi there, Ok, it does not csan and print either. Maybe i will have to try Epson live chat....

  kristain 07:22 19 Sep 11


You can try stopping the spooler to fix the “Document pending” issue.

For this, you need to select the Control Panel from the Start menu and then select the Administrative Tools.

A new window is displayed on which you need to select the Services tab and scroll down to Print Spooler. Select the Spooler and click the Stop button.

After doing this, you need to try rebooting the system and can see that the message vanishes.

Get more information to fix Printer Document Pending problem. Hope this information helps you.

  birdface 08:51 19 Sep 11

Another bad site from Kirstain.

Best staying away from any sites he posts as most of them are the same.

  lotvic 10:22 19 Sep 11

It's Kirstain's spam again, a copy & paste and then a link to promote expensive Annual Tech Support for $169.99

WOT gives a warning of unsafe site

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