Is 'Click Here' exclusive to here?

  jack 08:31 22 Jan 08

I was asked recently as so often posed here
'How do I Click Here ?'
My response was 'Dunno mate' just do it its part of Windoze'
This it seems is not the answer the questioner wanted because as he pointed out in other places the URL when posted simply appears as a coloured or underscored string.
So is 'Click Here' exclusive to here?

  zant 08:53 22 Jan 08

Easiest way to practice is to open Word.
Click on Insert.
Click on Hyperlink.
Click on Text to display: and type in Here, Click Here or what ever you fancy.
Click on Browsed pages and select page you want to open & click ok.
The chosen link will now appear and you can move it around at will.
I’m new to this myself so am following the answers with interest because I’m sure there must be slicker ways.
When posting into e-mails I find it must be in HTTP mode but again that may be my lack of experience.
Good luck

  Graham. 08:58 22 Jan 08

This forum's software converts a URL into 'click here'. You can see the URL if you hover over it.

  jack 09:06 22 Jan 08

So you are saying that this forum's 'board' does it and it is not universal - right?

  Graham. 09:14 22 Jan 08

Other forums using the same format will do it too. It may be selectable by the admin.

  MAJ 09:43 22 Jan 08

I haven't seen in any other forum where it automatically changes a link to 'Click here' (or similar). Most other forums allow the poster to create his/her own personal text for a link by using something like:

[url=www*]PC Advisor site[/url] (without the star)

  Gongoozler 09:44 22 Jan 08

Hi jack. It's done with a simple bit of HTML coding. If in Internet Explorer, when a page with a "Click Here" is displayed you select View - Source, or in Firefox you select View - Page Source, you will see the HTML coding for the page. Search for the bit with the posting that displays the "Click Here" e.g. <A HREF="(web address)" title="(web address)" TARGET="_new"><b>click here<. I've changed the actual address to (web address), or it would be made into another "Click Here"!.
The meaning of the coding is explained here click here.

  MAJ 09:45 22 Jan 08

[url=*click here]PC Advisor site[/url] (without the star)

  MAJ 09:46 22 Jan 08

lol, just testing......

  p;3 13:47 22 Jan 08

quote jack 'is 'Click Here' exclusive to here?'
in a word yes

other forums and sites have different ways to allow a URL to be presented; this is the only site I know that, when you copy and paste a URL into any thread it appears AS a click here

  jack 13:51 22 Jan 08

Not so exclusive
They could if they[being any other site] wanted to.
Thank you all

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