click here

  Jays 23:11 15 Jul 03

How do you do that? I'm a bit of a novice nd everyone else seems to know an awful lot

  The Spires 23:13 15 Jul 03

Ant web address typed or pasted will come up with the click here for example http:// www .pcadvisor. co. uk/ without the spaces will appear as click here

  VoG II 23:15 15 Jul 03

We all had to learn...

Just type the internet address or select it in the address bar, copy (CTRL+C) and then come here and CTRL+V to paste.

  pj123 23:15 15 Jul 03

don't worry mate. I didn't know how to do it either when I first logged on. If it is a web site just type in the URL eg click here. If it is a previous thread then you need to find the thread and in your "Address Bar" highlight it and copy and paste in to your posting.

  The Spires 23:16 15 Jul 03

I think most people who post on here find it difficult to keep up with the ever changing Pc scene, your contribution is as valid as anyone elses. :-)

  Jays 23:25 15 Jul 03

I do have the occasional flashes of brillance, but don't have a lot of time to spend on the pc, it's nice too know that there are people willing to help

  TimCDC 23:41 15 Jul 03

know it sounds creepy, but thought this thread represented for me all that is good about this site. I'm there with Jays as a novice, and I've really appreciated all the day, when I grow up, I want to help others too!

  perpetually-perplexed 23:53 15 Jul 03

makes me feel warm all over when i see posts like this and people helping with the simplest problems.

  pj123 12:15 16 Jul 03

TimCDC, Your response sounds exactly like one of mine a long time ago. I didn't think that I would ever be able to help anyone, but looking at all my previous postings i must have grown up.

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