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  snooker 20:52 05 Jan 03
  snooker 20:52 05 Jan 03

I am intrigued as to how all you clever blokes incorporate the 'click here' directions to relevant sites.

No doubt it's easy when you know how but I dont!

  Sir Radfordin™ 20:53 05 Jan 03

You just have to type or paste in a URL (website address) such as click here which is just www. google. (but without the spaces.)

The site sorts out the click here for you!

  Grandad D 20:53 05 Jan 03

Hi. Just type in the address of the web site and this site sorts it out for you. Ta Dennis

  Gongoozler 20:55 05 Jan 03

snooker, the PCA site does it all by itself. You just put and url in your posting and it gets turned into a "Click here". I think anything starting in http and www etc gets converted. This page for example, if I put some spaces in is http :// w, and without the spaces its click here

  snooker 20:56 05 Jan 03

thanks guys.

That must be one of the quickest replies ever

  accord 20:57 05 Jan 03

snooker: i wandered that aswell, cheers

  Boy Zone 21:14 05 Jan 03

I was just about to ask this very question. You guys are worth your weight in gold.

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