"Click Here"

  Abel 18:43 28 Jan 06

I want to publish a thread in which I would like to display a visual. Will somebody please explain how, with the usual "Click Here" comment, I can do this.


  mattyc_92 18:45 28 Jan 06

To create a "click here" link, simply type or paste a URL address into the reply box.

e.g. click here is just http:// www. pcadvisor.co.uk but without the spaces...

  mattyc_92 18:46 28 Jan 06

or do you mean a "screen dump"? (a image of your computer)?

  Abel 18:55 28 Jan 06

Hello Mattyc_92,

Yes, I do mean a screen dump


  Smiler 19:01 28 Jan 06

You need to put the screen dump on a site such as Image Cave click here then put a link to the image on this site such as click here

  mattyc_92 19:06 28 Jan 06

Ok... To start off with, you need to press the "PrtScn" button (located top-right of your keyboard, on the same row as the "F1", "F2", etc... buttons)

If you hold "Alt" as you press the "PrtScn" button, you will only create an image of the application that is open (the one that is active), otherwise, click "PrtScn" to get an image of the WHOLE screen...

Next open something like "Paint" and Go to "Edit->Paste".... Save the image and upload it to a site such as click here.....

Finally, just copy and paste this (click here) link into your thread....

Examples of "Alt" + "PrtScn" and "PrtScn"....

Alt + PrtScn = click here

PrtScn Only = click here

As you can see from the examples.... The "Alt" one has only took a "image" of the program that was active, where as the other one (without Alt) took a picture of the WHOLE screen as I see it.....

  Abel 19:07 28 Jan 06

Thanks Smiler. I'll give it a go.


  Abel 19:08 28 Jan 06

Thanks also to Mattyc-92.


  mattyc_92 19:09 28 Jan 06

"Finally, just copy and paste this (click here) link into your thread...."

I mean click the "click here" to see a screen-dump of what link to copy from ImageShack.us

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