Clearing History

  Dazwm 19:00 10 Jan 04

We have all downloaded software and programs and found out we don't like them so uninstalled them. I know they leave behind unwanted "bits and pieces" even when uninstalled which over time clutters up your hardrive and slows down your puter. Is there any way you can "clean" your hardrive without formatting it?

  Dazwm 19:48 10 Jan 04


  AubreyS 20:12 10 Jan 04

Internet explorer > tools > net Options > Delete Cookies, Delete Files, Clear History.

  AubreyS 20:12 10 Jan 04

net options should be Internet Options.

  Dazwm 20:15 10 Jan 04

Does that not just clear internet activity?

  leo49 20:17 10 Jan 04

You can use various cleaners like JV16powertools,System Mechanic,etc but they'll still be the odd bit of debris left which you can remove manually by combing the registry in Regedit.To be totally fastidious,you can take a Drive Image prior to installing anything then simply restore if you end up uninstalling the program.

  plsndrs3 20:42 10 Jan 04

Regseeker will clear out a lot of rubbish from the registry for you

click here

  vinnyo123 21:32 10 Jan 04

I used a few programs that claim they take care of this put not so,also tried combing through everything but thats tough .I would love to know also if there is a sure way to get rid off everything left behind or hiding or even watching much to learn!!!!!

  vinnyo123 21:34 10 Jan 04

as I was writing this I ran a check for CYDOOR which I keep getting rid off and always seems to come back.......And sure enough found files still hiding on my HD.....

  paul1234 10:26 11 Jan 04

I'd like some more help on this please.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 10:31 11 Jan 04

I had a program long ago on win 95 that used to monitor installations take a snap shot of the hdd
before install then uninstall the proggy for you if you didnt need it anymore,but i cant remember what is was,something like pc medic or something like that.


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