Clearing hard drive from old computer

  capnsofa 11:31 20 Jan 06

I have recently purchased a laptop to replace my 7 year old Tiny desk top, but before disposing of the old machine I wish to remove all personal information e.g. bank details etc. - I believe running the Restore Pack will not do this.
My local computer shop says they will remove all for about £20 but, without wishing to sound paranoid, I would prefer to do it myself (possibly cheaper, but I accept that even £20 is a small price to pay for peace of mind!)
Any suggestions?
Also, do you know of any organisation/charity who would be interested in the PC (when cleared), plus a printer and scanner?

  SB23 11:42 20 Jan 06

As suggested by other forum users
click here

click here

Hope it helps


  Forum Editor 11:46 20 Jan 06

to remove absolutely all traces of previous use form the drive is to format it.

This will remove everything, including the operating system and all installed software, although a computer forensic expert would probably still be able to recover some data.

For all practical purposes you'll be OK if you simply go through the drive deleting all traces of data files. Delete the Internet Explorer history, clear the cookie folder, and empty the Windows Temp folder. Don't forget to clear your email and contact lists/address books too.

Post back if you need more detailed help - I'm about to leave my office for a meeting, but someone else will step into the breach, I'm sure.

  Pamy 14:17 20 Jan 06

I believe the only true way is to total smash it up with a sledge hammer

  stylehurst 14:22 20 Jan 06

Darik Boot & Nuke works well from a floppy
click here

I use this program before disposing of HDD to Charity organisations

  mole44 14:35 20 Jan 06

sorry to say FE but you`ll find if you format a drive the data can be recovered all a fomat does is chop of part of the data,you can format say a camera card but with the correct software you can get back all your pictures i know i`ve done it.

  Mavericke 15:13 20 Jan 06

Basically I think after doing a full reformat all data within the hard drive will be wiped out. Please make sure that you format all drives in your pc.

  wee eddie 17:23 20 Jan 06

If a criminal is prepared to spend enough time and money attempting to recover your details. He surely will succeed. I am told that the only absolutely certain way is to dissemble the drive and break the platens.

However, there are very few individuals, who have sufficient valuable information to make this worthwhile.

A full format will do the trick. Equally a Return to factory condition should be as good.

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