Clearing Clogged Printer Head - Canon i560

  CPDM 20:11 29 Dec 05

My i560 Canon printer stopped printing black ink. The same happened with my i550 and I purchased the replacement using the Canon In "Loyalty Program" which offers a discount to sell another printer.

This time, I was sure the problem could be fixed without buying another printer. Figuring the ink is water soluable, removed the printer head and ran very hot water over the inside of the heads until clear water flowed out. I repeated this procedure three times, tapping the side of the head gently against the sink and finding more ink came out each time. Using high pressure air, I blew into both sides of the printer head and washed it again. More black ink emerged in heavy volume. When the water cleared again, I dried the printer head completely. (be careful to protect the electonic components from water). My printer works fine now and quality printing is as good as new. I now have a backup printer since the same problem was the real cause in the i550 originally. I suggested Canon advise their customers on a means to clean a clogged printer head, but they declined....

  Skyver 20:20 29 Dec 05

Useful info, thanks for posting. You obviously took more care than I did when I `cleaned` an I250 print head and subsequently learned a replacement cost the same as I paid for the printer...

  Strawballs 22:39 29 Dec 05

You could try click here they sell cartriges with cleaner fluid which can be put in and run through from time to time suggest a photo with all the colours, phone them they don't advertise them on their site.

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