clear Excel data

  dlguk 17:13 16 Jun 05

Hi all,

I use a spread sheet which has a fair amount of formular and a good bit of data. Is there anyway of deleting the data and retaining the formular unchanged. I am sure there must be but I just can't get it.

Thank you

  Durko 17:38 16 Jun 05

Highlight relevant data to copy all data
go to new workbook or worksheet (your choice)
and click paste special then click and choose formulas to retain formula.

Hope this helps.

  dlguk 21:06 16 Jun 05

you Durko me Dorko :-(. it is a 13 page s/sheet although the first is the main one. I tried your suggestion but it was not what i was thinking of. Could you be more explicit plz


  VoG II 21:15 16 Jun 05

13 page - do you mean 13 sheets or one sheet that prints as 13 pages?

Anyway, why not record a macro to do this. Tools | Macro | Record New Macro. Select all of the cells that you want to delete; to select multiple ranges press the CTRL key whilst clicking. Then press Delete and stop the Macro Recorder.

  dlguk 22:28 16 Jun 05

It is a one annual and 12 monthly sheets and like I said the first is the most important, the others I can handle. I got the s/sheet ready composed and really don't feel like having to do it all from scratch, is there no easy way to delete the data and retain the formula?
I haven't used macros on Excel, only on Word, I guess it will be as simple but, oh if only i hadn't lost the original :-(


  VoG II 22:52 16 Jun 05

Start the macro recorder

Delete what you don't want

Stop the Macro recorder

  Simsy 23:52 16 Jun 05

the "Go to"...

Edit>GoTo... then click "Special" and "Constants", (i.e. UNTICK "Formulas")

Hope this helps,



  dlguk 17:38 17 Jun 05

'Formulas' is not checked, 'Comments is though'. You do realise I want to loose all the data and keep the formula right? Just like a blank s/sheet with formula intact :-)
TY in advance.



  VoG II 17:54 17 Jun 05

From the experts click here

  dlguk 11:35 18 Jun 05

Simsy thank you, the first time I did what you suggested nothing happened, I have just tried it again and yes just what I require.

Cheers again


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