Cleaning static dust off screen ?

  Noels 09:58 22 Aug 04

I have just changeed my old computer for a new Sony laptop. I used to wipe my old screen about once a month to remove dust. However after just three days the new computer is thick with dust. I have tried a camera air blower and a soft camera brush but the static appears to be so strong that I just push the dust around into little piles without removing it. Any ideas would be welcome.

Regards Noels

  barnacarry 10:38 22 Aug 04

Try using fabric conditioner, slightly diluted, and wipe the screen. When dry, buff up. Works for TV as well.

  jimv7 10:41 22 Aug 04

On a normal monitor and the tv screen, baby wipes work for me.

  Noels 11:00 22 Aug 04

Thanks for those two suggestions. I was reluctant to try anything until I had read one or two views on the subject The screen appears to be the usual laptop type screen i.e. some sort of plastic? not solid glass like a TV. Any other suggestions welcome Noels.

  Dorsai 12:08 22 Aug 04

I find a feather duster effective both for TV and PC monitor. I guess the feathers pick up the static, and this halps the dust to stick to them.

I too would be wary of cleaning a LCD screen, as you say, they are plastic, and even small amounts of pressure can be seen to distort the image.

  rawprawn 12:09 22 Aug 04

I use a damp cloth on my screen with no problems at all in fact the makers recomend it.

  rawprawn 12:09 22 Aug 04

PS Lightly.

  Noels 12:14 22 Aug 04

I think I may have found the answer to my own question. My wife has been out all morning, on her return I explained the problem. She presented me with a pack of Sainsburys electrostatic 20 disposable cloths. They appear to work like magic. However I will still take note of all your recommendations.

Regards Noel

  Dorsai 12:43 22 Aug 04

If it's recomended by the makers, then you can't go far wrong. Must get me some of those antistatic wipes though.

  Stuartli 13:25 22 Aug 04

The wipes to avoid are those such as Cif glass and window wips which leave a deposit on the screen or glass which is very difficult to remove.

I've always just gently used a soft cloth for my monitor. The best glass cleaner I have ever used is the AutoGlym cream type, but I would have grave doubts about using it on a monitor screen because of the delicate anti-glare coating.

It's fine on TVs though...:-)

  €dstowe 13:34 22 Aug 04

Those new type dusters that are being heavily promoted on TV at the moment are excellent for removing static generated dust. You know the things - blue handled from P&G (Flash) and green handled from SC Johnson (Pledge).

Further to the fabric softener recommendation, I would suggest greatly diluted (rather than "slightly") for this use.

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