Cleaning print head ----Isopropanol

  WallyD 10:48 29 Jan 06

I've read messages where someone has rescued a print head by steeping in Isopropanol which they said was obtainable from Chemists. However I can't acquire same from any Chemist, infact I got a concerned look and asked what I needed it for. I'm seventy two and just wondered if they thought at this late stage in life I might become a plonky.
Could anyone suggest just where I could acquire a small amount of Isopropanol
Thank you

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:50 29 Jan 06
  WallyD 10:56 29 Jan 06

Thank you very much

  Gongoozler 10:58 29 Jan 06

Also here if you have a branch of Maplins near you click here

  €dstowe 11:13 29 Jan 06

There's here as well. click here

  Diemmess 11:17 29 Jan 06

I had no trouble buying in a local chemist. I was possibly known to them and it had to be ordered. (500ml)
I was probably old fashioned and asked for Isopropyl Alcohol. "For cleaning purposes" should cut the ice.

I suspect that the ordinary assistant who served you would be aware of the tight regulations over Industrial Spirit (crude contamiated ethanol), you didn't want Meths, and they "don't get much call for Propanol."

  hzhzhz 11:20 29 Jan 06

Has quite a few uses "Other uses include the application as a coolant in beer manufacture, a coupling agent, a dehydrating agent, a polymerization modifier in the production of polyvinyl fluoride, a foam inhibitor, a de-icing agent, a preservative, a heat-exchange medium, and in windscreen wiper concentrates. It is also used as a flavouring agent and in household and personal care products".

  rsinbad 11:29 29 Jan 06

Take care when using isopropanol click here

  ICF 11:40 29 Jan 06

Try here click here

  dms05 11:46 29 Jan 06

I bought an ink refill kit from Tesco and it contained a small bottle of cleaner which was Isopropanol. I've also bought it in a VHS tape cleaning kit.

It's inflammable, so take care. It's also not a great idea to drink it! It is however found in many household products. It's a useful, cheap and fairly low toxicity solvent.

It didn't help me clean my ink cartridge - despite immersing the print head in a small quantity for several days.

  jack 12:14 29 Jan 06

One last one - as mentioned it is the largest active constiuaant of - glass/window cleaner products/sprays
this will do equally as well for your purpose.

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